Times are overwhelming right now, many of us are feeling antsy and can’t wait to get moving again. As nomads and wanderers, to keep moving and exploring is what we do. Travelling is in our blood, new discoveries part of our DNA.

My suitcase is currently stuffed in the corner of my room, the boarding pass on top of it no longer valid. My plane to Málaga was supposed to leave exactly a month ago. Being introverted, I’m fine with having more time to myself now and I’m not in that cabin fever state of mind (yet), but the thought that I can’t leave the city I grew up in is honestly frightening and permanently looming in the back of my head. And so my suitcase has been standing there ever since, almost like a sign of protest. Or a symbol of hope. As if I could grab the handle and run out the door as soon as they announce that all travel bans are lifted, and it’s safe to travel again. 

At the same time, I feel so fortunate that I get to wonder when the travel ban will be lifted, that this is something I get to worry about, when others are stuck abroad somewhere, wondering in this very moment if they will even get to say goodbye to their loved ones at all. And that’s why I will stay put.

Now we’re forced to stand still for a while, we get to stop and stare. We get to wonder about our own country, learn about our own history. Those who are not under complete lockdown get to go on adventures in their backyard. We start to notice things we didn’t before, and get to enjoy the clean air now that it’s less polluted, the crisp blue sky that has become whole in the absence of contrails. 

Even though most of us are “stuck” in our own countries for now, the travel world has never felt more connected. So please, keep showing each other photos of where you’ve been, where you’d like to go once this is all over, keep asking for that hole-in-the-wall in Prague or nice cafe in Bangkok. Tell us about the places that made you feel alive, the meet-ups that you’ll remember forever.

And please, check up on your extraverted travel sisters. They need you. 😉