• Post published:January 31, 2021
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Time for another hidden gem on the Baltic Coast: the Redłowo Nature Reserve! 

Starting your walk on the edge of the reserve, you’ll first get to discover Molo w Gdyni Orłowie (Gdynia Orłowo Pier). This 180-meter-long pier and the nearby beach is a popular place for locals, who come here to enjoy the sea or watch the sunset on a sunny day.

On the trail itself, you’ll pass Klif Orłowski which offers a fantastic panoramic view of the Baltic Sea. You’ll also come across numerous WOII shelters, bunkers and fortifications in the forest as well as on the beach. I had never experienced a trail like this. Having the colorful forest on your left and the vast sea on your right, the trees seem to just “vanish” into the sea.

I first read about this place in a Solo Female travel group on Facebook, where I found a slightly vague description of this trail. Nonetheless, it got me really excited to do this 1,5-hour cliff walk. Now, I will do my best to lead you to the start of the trail, so you can do this hike yourself when you’re in Poland!

How to Get There

The easiest way to get to the start of the trail is to take the train from Gdańsk Main Station to the train stop Gdynia Orłowo, which is only a twenty-minute journey. You can buy tickets at the train station or online. Poland has many public transport apps available but I found Jakdojade to be the easiest and user-friendliest app. (Not all of these apps are available in English, but this one is!)

Once you’ve reached Gdynia Orłowo, turn right and start walking down the long street towards the seafront. Just keep going straight for about ten minutes to reach the pier. 

Now, the start of the trail can be a bit tricky to find since there are no clear signs pointing towards the actual footpath. At the pier, turn left and keep walking along the beachfront (past Tawerna Orłowska) until the road stops. You can choose to walk on the beach all the way to the centre of Gdynia, but I’d say it’s definitely more fun to walk on the cliffs! Plus, you get better panoramic views of Gdynia, Gdańsk and the Baltic Sea.

By now, you should’ve reached the end of th
cul-de-sac. To access the cliffs, simply turn left to go up the hill and into the forest. Once you’re in the forest, the trail is pretty straightforward. The walk is about 6.5 kilometers long and is indicated by signs on the trees. Make sure you take the yellow route and not the black route; the black route is for cyclists and passes mostly around the nature reserve. GPS is not really needed as long as you stick to the main path, but if you do want to use GPS I recommend using MapsMe as Google Maps doesn’t always show footpaths.

Happy hiking!